Takshak Arts
|| Few words on Photography ||

As an artist, Photography for me, is like a mediator. Through this medium my brain communicates with others. Photography has many aspects but two are main, first is the Artistic value and second one is purely Solid documentation.

 If you have the desire to learn photography, than you must understand completely these two aspects of this medium. It is not very hard. There are many courses available in the market. Some are useless and difficult, but many courses are brilliantly composed, easy and helpful.

 My suggestion before you go ahead to learn photography, analyze yourself. 

  1. How much creative you are?
  2. What is in your imagination?
  3. Can you spend a long time alone?
  4. How organized you are?
  5. How much effort you can do to make a picture? 

The answers of these five questions will give you an idea about what kind of photographer you can be. The meaning is, will you go in fashion, sports, wildlife, industrial, product, documentation, travel or photojournalism etc. 

  If you are clear, than you can start learning photography basics. There is a instrument that is called the camera. The camera is a light tight box that on one side has a lens which is front and in the back side you can load a light sensitive film which can capture images (in the digital camera there is a censor).

The mechanism of the camera is like of our eyes. As in the front side of our eyes there is a lens and in the back side of eyes is our brain which stores the memories (like film or censor).

In this world whatever comes in front of us, we bound to see that. Once we see something, our brain stores that. No harm, because we don’t have to spent extra money for the storage. 

But our camera needs some storage space, and for that we have to spend lot of money. So it is better to create some image in the brain before to use the camera to capture that. This is called creativity, art, skill…etc., but after that you can call yourself “PHOTOGRAPHER.”

After when some idea emerges in the mind, and you want to execute that in a picture. You have to keep in your mind three basic principles for that.

1. Perspective
2. Composition
3. Light

To make a perfect or good picture you must follow these three points in the same order. First of all decide the Perspective from where you are looking at a object. After that make a composition in which that object gets the importance. Now light the object according to the message or emotion. Than click your camera and you will get a picture you had imagined.